Protección solar de alta calidad para tus lentes

Solar Radiation Control (SRC) is a comprehensive sunwear coating program by NACL which addresses the market demand for premium sunwear. Technologically advanced coating designs for sunglasses are now available for all prescriptions and lens materials. Also, SRC coatings are available on pre-coated stock basis for both plano and prescription lenses.

There is an SRC coating to meet every need.

Tipos de tratamientos de espejos

Reflex Mirrors: (Dynamic Impact)

It can be applied to all types of lenses with excellent results. The reflex mirror consists of a series of coating layers, which attenuates visible light transmission. In most cases, the density is 20% to 30% darker than the original uncoated lens. Reflex mirrors should be applied to a base tint of at least 50%.

Flash Mirror
(Bolle® Style)

The flash mirror is part of the reflex mirror family except the coating density is reduced to give a more subtle effect. Available in Silver and Gold, solid or gradient mirrors.

Sportlife Mirror Series

The Sportlife series from NACL is a family of four technically advanced lenses that ease outdoor light problems commonly encountered by lovers of the great outdoors.

Dielectric Mirrors (Uncompromising Performance)

High technology in motion. Advanced protection and light wave management will keep you on the edge. This mirror, developed by NACL, utilizes a completely different technology than the reflex mirror. This mirror uses between 5 and 11 layers of virtually colorless materials, precisely applied, which results in a brilliant color mirror effect. Dielectric mirrors, unlike Reflex mirrors, do not add any density to the lens and can be used for all outdoor activities. Further, these coatings can be applied to all lens materials with equally good results.

Metalectric Mirrors (Outrageous Color)

Hyper-reflective filters for maximum protection from the sun’s harsh rays. With a mission of developing radically new mirror products, NACL has completed the task. The result is the Metalectric mirror series. Metalectric mirrors are the cutting edge in design, innovation and performance. These new mirrors utilize the latest in Ion Beam technology to improve durability and scratch resistance of the mirror coating. Metalectric mirrors can be applied to all lens materials. NACL recommends a maximum base tint of 65% in grey or brown. Metalectric mirrors are available in two hyper-reflective colors, Electric Blue, and Extreme Green. Includes UV, tint, mirror and hydrohonic overcoating.

Ultra-Violet Protection

All SRC coatings block 100% of harmful UV radiation. Considerable information has been published over the past several years regarding UV radiation, and its potential for damaging the human eye. Ultraviolet radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 190 and 380 nanometers (nm). UV radiation can be divided into the following three regions:

Wavelength Type Energy

315 – 380nm UV – A Lowest

280 – 315nm UV – B Mid

190 – 280nm UV- C Highest